Monday, November 18, 2013

National Philanthropy Day: 'The Love That Understands' - Forbes

National Philanthropy Day: 'The Love That Understands' - Forbes: Think of the challenges that philanthropy is asked to solve. We fight disease, and try to prevent it. We preserve the natural environment. We care for the elderly, the sick, the displaced and the poor. We support the arts and encourage culture. We teach our young, and plan for the future. And of course we support our local communities. Within 25 miles of this room, philanthropy is at work in hospitals, schools, religious organizations, social services, arts, culture, advocacy and research. It’s at work in the preserving of this region’s public resources, from a walking bridge spanning the Hudson to the historic sites connected to the founder of the New Deal. And when a typhoon ravages a country that has a strong immigrant tie to the United States – and what country doesn’t – our society responds, as it did this past week.

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