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Some material  on the History of Philanthropy 

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Philanthropic fundraising has existed for many thousands of years. In classical Greece and Rome, citizens raised money to build huge amphitheaters, provide feasts for all citizens, and have Olympic-style games. Religious fund raising can be seen in all religions. In Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, and Confucianism money was raised to build places of worship and care for the poor. In America, fundraising is seen throughout history. During wars, Americans promoted campaigns, events designed to raise a specific amount of money to be used towards an immediate problem. These campaigns raised money for war veterans, for orphans of soldiers, and to provide relief to families without food and shelter.

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Historic Roots
While philanthropy has deep roots in the history of man, international philanthropy did not truly emerge until international travel became available. Beginning with the industrial revolution, the airplane and man's desire to help those in need, philanthropy grew to become one of the backbones of international trade, communications and development.
The Industrial Revolution occurred late in the 1800s in Britain and early in the 1900s in the United States. The industrial revolution brought the world all types of new machinery, textiles, coal, steel and new modes of travel. The world became smaller in a significantly short amount of time; nations communicated by telephone,

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