Monday, December 05, 2005

CharityVillage� NewsWeek: Coffee with Cam

CharityVillage� NewsWeek: Coffee with Cam: " Coffee with Cam

A time to celebrate real heroes
Cam TaitBy Cam Tait

Every week, I try to make some type of sense on a topic within 600 words or less. So when Steve from Edmonton sent me an e-mail with a word count of almost 1,300, I knew I wouldn't be able to share with you everything he said, but he certainly had a strong message. The topic: Philanthropy Day. He was commenting on what I said last week.

Steve was surprised when I said I hadn't heard much about the event, considering that the newspaper I work for was a sponsor. As chair of the event, he personally dropped off a package and an invitation for me at my office. (Note to self: open mail more often, even when it's ticking.)

Steve told me the Philanthropy Day luncheon was moved to a different venue this year. 'A good call, as we grew from 539 in 2004 to 622 this year. The growth came about as a result of a few things that did include promotion and general awareness.'

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