Friday, November 11, 2005

Everyone can be a philanthropist

The Association of Fundraising Professionals and Philanthropy Northwest --

Everyone can be a philanthropist: "Everyone can be a philanthropist


Who would give $187.9 billion a year to individuals they don't know? Who would contribute more than 16 billion hours of time if they weren't required to? Would it surprise you to know that it's the American people?

We are the most generous society in the world with some 80 percent of households donating each year to charitable organizations involved in health care, education, housing, the arts, the environment, social services and many other issues. Consider all the natural disasters our world has faced over the past year. Americans gave more than $1.4 billion to aid tsunami victims in Southeast Asia and $1.8 billion to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina. And we continue to give -- around the world and close to home.

On Nov. 17, we will honor local philanthropic leaders in celebration of National Philanthropy Day.

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